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Brief description

The church hall is situated in the middle of the village adjacent to the church being a centrally heated single-storey building of wooden construction.
There is a car park at the front of the building which can accommodate approximately 15 cars.The 'accommodation' provides a venue for meetings and social gatherings for up to approximately 60 people.


The main hall is furnished with 10 large (stackable) tables and approximately 60-70 chairs.
There is a small kitchen with electric kettles, an electric urn, an electric cooker and a microwave oven.
There is no refrigerator. Also provided are a variety of plates, cups and saucers and small glasses suitable for pre-prepared food.
The cooking facilities are limited and not suitable for the preparation of cooked food other than for the 'warming' of pre-prepared items.
The hall does not have a licence for music or the sale of alcohol although there is a piano.
Toilets and a small cloakroom are also provided, with the usual facilities, but, on occasion, these may have to be shared with the church.

Conditions for Hiring the hall

The church hall is available for hire most days throughout the year although exceptions do apply.
The hourly fee for hiring the hall is currently £9.00. (Feb 2010)
There is also a 'cleaning/key' deposit of £20.00 payable in advance and a 'contract of hire' has to be signed.
The hall is not normally for hire before 8.00 a.m. or after 11.00 p.m. daily.

To hire the church hall

All enquiries should be made through the Hall Booking Secretary Belinda Luke on 01823-289537

Please note that:

1. Although the PCC has overall responsibility for the church hall, the Hall Booking Secretary is the ONLY person who can take a hall booking.
2. Several organisations regularly use the hall on a weekly and/or monthly basis which limit its availability on certain dates and at certain times throughout the year.